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Challenging but fun

Escaped in 57 minutes
I did "In Memoriam" a few years ago while I was an intern at Commbank. I went with 5 of my intern friends at the time. The decoration in the room is a bit minimal and the theme (going into someones memory) has been by other escape room operators quite a bit, but the puzzles are challenging yet fun. I remember one of them being a pretty difficult logic puzzle that required a few people to sit around for a while to solve. There was enough puzzles for all 5 of us to each solve and be comfortable with the amount we contributed to our escape! Had to request a few hints and managed to get out just in time! I would recommend this room.

Well designed and challenging

Escaped in 58 minutes
This escape room is one best designed escape room I've done. It's a bit on the trickier side, being marketed as a difficult room by Riddle Room. It has a large number of puzzles that must be done in parallel to escape in time - large groups are advised. Having a large number of puzzles means that each person gets to solve a number of puzzles on their own or in pairs. All puzzles are unique, challenging but not too tricky. I would highly recommend this room for a larger group of experienced people.